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Helping Make Your Clinic A Leader in Natural Medicine

Metagenics is Australia and New Zealand's leading Practitioner Only natural medicine brand, recognised as the innovators in Natural Health products and Healthcare Professional education.

Metagenics has invested $40 million in industry leading manufacturing technology, testing and distribution equipment in order to expand production of the highest quality natural medicines. This level of commitment ensures that Metagenics produces products that practitioners and patients can trust for quality and effectiveness.

The Head Office, Manufacturing and Testing facility, located in Northgate, Brisbane, Australia, allows for the future development of Metagenics in an industry experiencing phenomenal growth. This massive investment demonstrates the commitment to being the number one Natural Medicine supplier and educator in Australia and New Zealand, with all products manufactured to Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance. In fact, Metagenics holds a class A1 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) status, the highest rating provided for the medicine industry within Australia and New Zealand which is sought after globally.


Mission And Values

“At Metagenics, we are dedicated to helping as many peopleas possible live happier and healthier lives by providing nutritional products and solutions that are the most trustedand recommended by healthcare practitioners.”

This is achieved by providing the best professional education and services, as well as products of the highest quality and efficacy.

Our key to this mission is:

• Scientific and Clinical Research
• Highest Quality Ingredients and Raw Materials
• Raw Material Testing for Consistency and Quality
• Manufacturing Standards that Exceed Industry Benchmarks
• Finished Product Analysis and Testing


Education and Industry Investment and Advocacy

Educating Practitioners with the latest science behind Natural and Functional medicine, across a variety of clinical programs, empowers our valued Practitioners to provide clinically relevant personalised treatment programs that deliver profound health outcomes for their patients.

Metagenics firmly believes Natural Medicine is the future of healthcare and invests heavily in clinical research with a number of prestigious instiutions to grow the industry and the integration of Natural Medicine into everyday healthcare.

Metagenics is proud to be supporting the Natural Medicine industry and is committed to increasing and advocating the incredible impact Natural Healthcare Practitioners have on their patients health.  We understand that when a patient seeks a Practitioners help, they are vulnerable and are extending high levels of trust in the service, treatments and products provided.  This understanding helps drive our desire to help Practitioners deliver exceptional health solutions that their patients love and swear by.

Because health and happiness awaits…

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With over 25 years’ experience in researching, developing and carefully selecting the right probiotics, the experts at Inner Health know that getting the right gut health solution for your condition can make all the difference.

At Inner Health, we follow the recommendations of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP), using the PRO quality checklist to make sure Inner Health is a live, strong and effective probiotic.


PROTECTED – Are the bacteria live and strong?

Probiotics needs careful and correct storage to survive as they are impacted by temperature fluctuations and moisture. For probiotics to be alive upon consumption they must remain dormant inside the capsule and protected by either refrigeration or moisture protection technology.

Refrigeration protects probiotics from warmth and moisture as it provides a stable temperature of 4°C to 8°C and low humidity.

Alternatively, our Activ-Vial™ packaging and ProtectAir™ moisture defence system keeps the probiotic bacteria alive and full strength at 25°C.

A note on shelf stability – freeze drying probiotics is a standard industry practice but does not protect the probiotic against moisture or heat.


RESEARCHED – Is the probiotic strain tested and researched?

Not all probiotics are the same or do the same thing. Different strains, even within the same genus and species are shown to benefit completely different conditions with some strains having little to no proven health benefits in humans. For this reason, it is important to use a probiotic formula which contains strains that have been researched alone and in combination with each other and at the appropriate strength.

We choose extensively researched probiotic strains because clinical research is the difference between promises and results.


OPTIMISED – Is the product optimal for the condition?

More bacteria is not necessarily better. Research indicates that the dose is just as important as the strain of probiotic – if too little is given the probiotic may be ineffective, whereas too much may give you an unexpected result. A number of recent clinical studies have investigated the effect of various strengths of commonly prescribed probiotic strains and found that there can be marked differences in clinical outcomes depending on the doses used.

When looking for a probiotic – Trust an Expert

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At Ethical Nutrients our natural medicine professionals understand it is not just ingredients, but nutrients that are essential for better health. That’s why we’re dedicated to using the finest premium nutrients that are optimised to work in harmony with your body. We call them biocompatible nutrients.

Biocompatibility is about making sure you get the most from your supplements – because it’s not what you take that makes a difference to your health, it’s what you metabolise that matters.

Developed in Australia, our evidence based products contain ingredients of high quality, selected for their purity, efficacy and ability to provide optimum nutritional impact and minimal waste. Formulated for easier metabolism so you can get the most out of what you put into your body.

Ethical Nutrients. Nutrients that speak your body’s language.

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Premium Quality Sports Nutrition That Works

We know that the fuel you feed your body can make or break performance. That’s why at Endura we’re dedicated to producing only high quality, scientifically researched and formulated products, specially designed to help you train harder, race faster and recover quicker. Endura is committed to excellence.


Australian Made Products

In the highly competitive and strictly regulated world of sport, it is crucial to find the highest quality sports supplements. Endura Sports Nutrition is made and distributed by Metagenics Australia - Australia’s leading Natural Health Science Company - in our purpose-built facility in Brisbane, Australia. With in-house manufacturing in accordance with the Australian Code of Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and dedicated quality assurance and technical divisions, this facility enables us to ensure that all our products are produced to the highest standards.


The Choice of Elite Athletes

Endura has been trusted by athletes for over 25 years and has attracted some of Australia’s top sports people as brand ambassadors, particularly in the realm of triathlon and endurance events. Not only do they constantly tell us how the Endura range helps them improve their performance, their feedback helps us constantly refine and improve our products.


Race Proven Performance

Endura is a proud supporter of local sport and has sponsored over 1000’s of sporting events throughout Australia and New Zealand, including big name events like Ironman, Noosa Triathlon and Gold Coast Airport Marathon. This equates to many hundreds of thousands of athletes, millions of electrolyte serves and tonnes of Energy Gels, providing a level of real world testing and athlete feedback that’s resulted in our race-proven range of premium nutrition products.


We developed it, we made it, we test it, we use it, we recommend it and you can trust it.

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Why Barinutrics Nutritional Support?

While there are several different types of barinutric procedures, all interfere with nutritional intake and gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients, which can lead to a broad array of health concerns. Therefore, nutritional supplementation is a must to provide life-long nutritional insurance.

The suite of Barinutrics TM Nutritional Support addresses the most common deficiencies and fundamental nutritional needs of patients who have undergone weight loss surgery.

The Barinutrics TM philosophy is simple: Leverage science to design tailored, high quality, highly absorbable supplements that meet the unique nutritional requirements of patients who have undergone weight loss surgery.

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